Worms and endless screws

​We produce all kinds of snails in all sizes.

​LLP International are able to produce all kinds of worms and screws, for instance standard worms with the same helix angles as well as worms with incremental values, left and righthand screws and worms without axles.

Worms are used today for many kinds of purposes, therefore there are any number of different worms, some of which are more effective within certain fields than others:

  • Standard worms with the same helix angles are utilised to convey materials.

  • Worms with incremental values can convey materials with increasing speeds which means that it is possible to prevent materials from colliding and building up.

  • Left and right-hand screws are utilised to press the material towards the centre of the worm or out towards its ends.

  • Worms without axles are utilised to convey viscous substances such as sludge in a sewage or wastewater plant.

LLP International with its 30 years of experience in the production of worms, endless screws and screw conveyors manufacture custom-made tools of any size according to your needs and wishes.

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Why choose us?

Clinically approved and ISO 9001 certified

We are food and ISO 9001 approved, which means we can offer everything in transport with snails etc.

Specialists in manufacturing of snails

We manufacture snails for all types of transport and tailor the solution to suit your needs.

International support and cover

We provide solutions within snails and machine rental on an international level.

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About LLP Vemmelev ApS

We have 30 years of experience in the production and development of complete solutions for screw conveyors.


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