Screw conveyors

We offer both granulate transport X and granulate transport XY.

When materials are conveyed screw conveyors are often the best and most economical solution. These kinds of screw conveyors are utilised in many large plants and installations.,

Screw conveyors can be used to convey sugar, water, food wastes, fertiliser, aggregates, corn, fodder, solid wastes, ice, wood pellets and many other substances.

Therefore LLP International develop and produce screw conveyors, worm components and complete solutions for screw conveyance.
At LLP International we are very attentive to product quality, supply guarantees, flexibility and high levels of service.

Contact us to hear more about our screw conveyors

Feel free to contact us to hear more about our complete screw conveyor solutions. We are happy to talk about your needs and wishes for your production. Then we find a solution so that we can calculate a non-binding offer on one or more screw conveyors.​

We offer auger solutions such as:

Granulate conveyance x

With our linear granulate conveyance solutions it is possible to convey all kinds of granulates, wood pellets etc. over longer distances.

Granulat conveyance xy

With our vertical granulate conveyance solutions it is possible to convey all kinds of granulates, and wood pellets etc. over longer distances and at difficult angles and thus avoiding waste in our closed systems.​

Why choose us?

Clinically approved and ISO 9001 certified

We are food and ISO 9001 approved, which means we can offer everything in transport with snails etc.

Specialists in manufacturing of snails

We manufacture snails for all types of transport and tailor the solution to suit your needs.

International support and cover

We provide solutions within snails and machine rental on an international level.

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About LLP Vemmelev ApS

We have 30 years of experience in the production and development of complete solutions for screw conveyors.


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